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2019 has started off in the best direction and I believe it’s all because of one little word. And to be honest, when I decided to pick this word for my year, I truly did not think it would last. I’m the absolute worst at setting goals. I have really, really good intentions at the beginning of each year, but we all know how long those new year resolutions turn out.

My word for 2019: Flourish. I love this word for so many reasons. At first when I was trying to decide on my word for the year, I knew that I couldn’t use words like “yes” or “no” because I knew that I would have to use both of those words because let’s be honest – we all have to.

As I was reflecting and contemplating on a few different options, I was practicing in my Modern Florals workbook by Alli Koch. I became slightly obsessed with all things flower related in 2018, and things have only progressed since. But I started to think about the word floral and how florals brought me so much joy. Nothing too crazy, but just a simple and peaceful kind of joy.

From there I found the definition of flourish and it instantly fit with my goals and vision for Truly Taylor’d.

Flourish (verb) || (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as a result of a particularly favorable environment.

Weeks before the new year rolled around, Ethan (my sweet, encouraging, and goal driven husband) had started asking me to write down a few things I wanted to accomplish for Truly Taylor’d. Here we are though, March 2019, and I’m finally writing them down…better late than never.

  1. To share my thoughts and ideas in the form of a blog. I am more that just a sign maker and I don’t just spend my days “making crafts”. There’s so much more to me and my business that I want to share!
  2. Learn how to truly love and enjoy the space or season that I’m in. I built Truly Taylor’d to inspire others and help people create spaces that they love. I realized in 2018, I wasn’t walking the walk or talking the talk. I feel like it has to be a proven thing that when we are in our best state, we have more love, creativity, and energy to share with others. That makes sense, right?
  3. Leave my comfort zone. I have a tendency to stop flourishing when I get comfortable or when I feel like things are good. Am I the only one? And I can say, without a doubt, that anxiety and fear of failure are real things and they hit me hard in 2018. But I did take risks that paid off, and left that year with so much clarity and confidence in my business. I have a list of new products that will be rolling out this year, I have a list of new ideas I will try this year, and I have a list of people and organizations I will work with this year. And notice how often I use “I will” in those last few sentences…it’s going to happen.

Whew! Speaking (or typing) those goals into existence!

Having the one word has truly guided my actions and intentions. I’m constantly thinking and working towards changes that will help my business flourish in 2019.

I would love to know your word! And if you don’t have one, I want to encourage you to find it and share it. It’s never too late to work towards a positive change!

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